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At Van Mel & Co., we manage the whole process
personally and take our business very seriously. After all,
we know that even though the majority of our
consumers do not often get to see our products first
hand, they experience our presence in almost everything
they consume. This broad impact means that we feel a
sense of inherent responsibility towards everyone in our
supply chain, and we do this by only maintaining
relationships with manufacturers that exhibit the highest
levels of fairness to people, animals and the

Meet the suppliers

Natural Ingredients Only

Scelta Mushrooms

Venlo, Netherlands

At Scelta, mushrooms are king. For 25 years, Scelta
Mushrooms has been processing a wide range of
mushroom-based products – from freshly frozen and
preserved mushrooms with extended shelf life to
healthier appetizers and natural taste enhancers.
Meaning ‘choice’ in Italian, Scelta offers choice unami-
based options to the top 25 leading global food
companies – including us. We have chosen Scelta as our
supplier as they too are a family business that has
turned into a leading global distributor. As suppliers,
we share similar values, including the importance of
innovation, certification and family.

Nikken Foods

Tokyo, Japan

Founded in Japan, Nikken has been a leading natural
specialty ingredients manufacturer for the global food
industry since 1964. The Nikken philosophy resonates
with Vanmel & Co., as they too believe that natural
flavors come from natural sources, thereby ensuring
that the original ingredient must always be found in
nature, before being purified and extracted. Their focus
on flavour and versatility have made them a key
supplier for us, and their ongoing research and
development has allowed them to develop new, all-
natural ingredients and cutting-edge processes.


Haddington, United Kindgom

Based in the United Kingdom, PureMalt has become a
global leader in manufacturing malt-based ingredients,
which offer a diverse range of colour, flavour and
texture for a wide variety of food. With access to some
of the finest barley crop in the world, PureMalt always
places emphasis on using only the highest quality raw
materials. They are a BRC (British Retail Consortium)
accredited business, ensuring they comply with overall
safety, quality, environmental and ethical standards.
Vanmel & Co. use PureMalt as a supplier as we share
their values of sourcing quality ingredients and
constantly being on the lookout for the latest trends
within the food and beverage industry.

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